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In the vast and mysterious depths of the ocean, a treasure was discovered - a trove of jewelry that evoked both antique and contemporary flair. It was a marvel of rustic craftsmanship, a testament to the enduring beauty of design. The fragments that have been polished by the ocean, remained a testament to the enduring beauty of design and the wondrous mysteries that await those who dare to explore the unknown and value imperfection and the passage of time.

Where life's little pleasures become eternal treasures

  • Ethical Supply Chain

    Producing locally allows us to personally ensure the jewelers we work with provide their teams a safe working environment, fair wages and strive for gender equality.

  • The Hand-made Connection

    Human imperfection is the greatest value of artisanal work; that imperceptible touch that closely grazes the error and marks the difference between mechanical and manual.

  • Supporting Local Economy

    Crisobela pieces are made locally, in Medellín, Colombia, to support our community and helping a little bit stimulating our local economy.